Crudo Bar

Monkfish Pate - Served chilled in a yuzu soy with maple chili radish and green onion. 


New Zealand Red Snapper - Served raw in evoo, garlic basil marinade with grape tomato and mint. 


Spanish Blue Fin  (belly cut) Otoro - Served raw in a yuzu lite soy with fresh grated wasabi root, radish, mint and chives. 


Seared Tuna - Black pepper balsamic vinaigrette, truffle oil and fig.


Oyster Trio - A dozen oysters from Kussi Bay British Columbia

Your Choice of

-yuzu soy and fresh wasabi

-Blood orange jalapeño

-lemon evoo and garlic roasted thyme

***try all 3 with remaining 3 being straight up


A Carousal of Flavors - Let the chef create an assortment of tasty treats

For 1 person