Crudo Bar

Sweet Canadian Spot Prawn $20

Sweet and delicious, these spot prawns are something special. Served raw and along with radish and ginger, the fresh taste will wow you.

add caviar $ market inquire w/ server


Seared Yellowfin Ahi Tuna $25

This tuna has a beefy feel when seasoned with soy & black pepper. It is pan-seared

topped with shaved truffle and fig with balsamic.


Carpaccio Yellowfin Ahi Tuna $25

Thin slices of bright red Ahi Tuna, EVOO infused with garlic

and basil, shallots, onion, capers & lemon citrus


Yellowfin Ahi Tuna Tartare $30

Perfect for warm summer nights!

Chopped tuna and avocado served along with sesame, ginger & cilantro.


Yellowfin Ahi Tuna Yama IMO $30

All-new textures to enjoy with mountain potato and ahi tuna

topped with mint & a touch of soy.


Spicy Amberjack Yellowtail ( Hamachi ) $30

Hawaiian (Hamachi buri ) young Amberjack is high in fatty acids and healthy fish oils.

This fish is very delicious in flavor and is sure to dance on your tongue. In this version, it is served with fresh oregano, avocado, marinated cherry tomatoes mixed with spicy habanero chilies, lemon & chives in an EVOO.


Seared Amberjack Yellowtail (Hamachi) $30

Marinated in garlic, sweet Asian pear, red onion & soy.

Topped with rendered fat, seared, atop thin slices of beautiful young amberjack.


Smoked Yellowtail Amberjack (Hamachi) $30

Simple & lite, this dish is elegant in form & taste

Smoked in pear tree wood chips, served with sweet Asian pear slices.


Traditional (Belly cut ) (Hamachi Hara ) Yellowtail $45

Served in a traditional fashion with radish, red cabbage, mint

& a touch of soy with freshly sliced wasabi chips.


Spanish Mackerel $45

Served whole, this fish is delicate in nature, served with fresh sliced ginger root, green onion & radish, combined with mint, real sliced wasabi root in yuzu soy. This dish will excite your tastes.

After you finish: Ask your server to fry the bones for another tasty treat!


Chef Gratis Per Yutti ( $ Market prices $ )

Can't think of what sounds perfect for you or your table?

Trust the chef to make a special, one of a kind creation for you and your guests