Fine Dining

Italian menu


La Caesar for Two     18

Traditionally made with romaine lettuce and croutons, the salad is tossed in a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, egg, Worcestershire sauce, anchovies, garlic, Dijon mustard, Parmesan cheese and black pepper. While our Caesar is served with a similar homemade dressing, our presentation is remarkably different. We take a whole, locally grown head of romaine and finish it with our dressing and croutons.

Caprese Primavera    16

A delicious combination of sweet and savory. Homemade mozzarella and ripe heirloom tomatoes. Drizzled with balsamic and evoo.

Dolci Sapori    15

Fennel, onion, black olives and blood oranges.

Mista     13

Mixed green salad

Arugula    13

Arugula, lemon, olive oil, shaved Parmesan and salt/pepper. 



Zuppa Freddo    15

Chilled melon and corn gazpacho served with crispy prosciutto.


Antipasto Pizza Gourmet

Focaccia    20

Pomodoro sauce, oregano, evoo and served with a gorgonzola sauce and truffles.

Pizza & Tartufo    35

Pomodoro sauce, whole mozzarella, evoo and fresh shaved black truffles.


Bruschetta Burrata    18

Poached pears, cherry tomatoes and burrata cheese served on toasted, rustic sliced bread. Topped with grana padano cheese.

Gnoocchi Croccante     25

"Fried" gnocchi is a traditional staple and while it is not what we have come to know as gnocchi, it is pure decadence. These "fried" gnocchi are not actually pasta and there is neary a potato to be found. Instead they are a delicate pastry that true Italians call gnocchi fritti. The Croccante is filled with ricotta cheese and topped with prosciutto, drizzled with a sweet balsamic glaze.

Melone Prosciutto     25

Fresh melon, thinly sliced prosciutto and homemade burrata cheese, with a fig glaze, balsamic reduction and honey.

Piatto della Trattoria    65

This appetizer is meant to be an experience, not just an appetizer. We have put together a sampling of cured meats and cheeses that are served in individual servings. Each is a tasting meant to savor and explore.

Selection may vary base on availability. Ask your server.

Polipo e Capesante    28

An all time Sicilian favorite, Spanish octopus alla griglia (grilled octopus)marinated in a balanced paprika sauce with chilled corn mousse.

Polenta Fritta & Speck    14

This is a must have, Northern Italian dish. It's fried polenta stuffed with fresh mozzarella and topped with provolone, speck and porcini mushrooms. Served with a delicate, savory fig sauce.

Bresaola Carpaccio     22

Bresaola, olive oil, lemon, shaved grana padano cheese with arugula.


Primi Di Pasta Fresca

Pappardelle al Ragu Napoletano     28

This dish brings us back home to Italy. Chef Francesco spent his childhood eating homemade Pappardelle pasta. Our pasta is made just as Nonna made it, with locally sourced eggs, and served in a bolognese sauce from Napoli, with a mix of pork, beef and sausage that has been slow roasted in a tomato sauce and red wine.

Pappardelle all Tartufo

black truffles 50  |  white truffles 90

This dish may be simple but the flavor is anything but simple. Homemade pappardelle pasta tossed in a sauce of locally sourced eggs butter and Parmesan, topped with fresh shaved truffles of your choosing.

Spaghetti Cozze e Vongole    34

Spaghetti in a garlic white wine sauce and confit tomatoes with clams, mussels and an Italian scampi.

Gnocchi alla Norma    25

Homemade gnocchi in a tomato sauce with sautéed eggplant and salted ricotta.

La Fettuccine Parmigiana e Burro     30

Named after Alfredo di Lelio, who featured this dish at his restaurant in Rome in the early-

to mid-20th century, popularized the art of preparing dishes like these table-side. We believe in honoring the master and will continue the tradition of finishing our fettuccine at your table.

Gnocchi della Trattoria  38

Homemade gnocchi in a lobster cream sauce, served with shrimp and Italian scampi.

Pasta di Francesco

Ravioli don Francesco    32

Homemade ravioli filled with ricotta in a butternut squash cream sauce with lemon zest and crispy prosciutto. Served with a cheese mousse.


Il Pesce del Giorno     MP

This is a whole fish, grilled and finished in butter while baking in a wood oven. Fish is delivered daily and our selection will vary to only provide the freshest selection available. This dish is for the seafood lover in all of us.

Pollo Tartufo    30

Lightly breaded chicken breast in a truffle sauce finished with prosciutto and provolone.

Anatra alla Pera     33

This dish will have duck connoisseurs raving. Duck breast cooked medium rare and served in delicate gorgonzola sauce finished with a pear glaze.

Pollo Wellington    38

A rolled chicken breast with prosciutto, mushrooms and provolone, baked inside a delicate puff pastry. Served with a truffle asiago cream sauce and asparagus.



Tomahawk   150

Costa di Vitello is a dish meant to be shared and enjoyed while reminiscing with others. Our Tomahawk is served with sea salt, pepper and an emulation of Sicilian chimichurri and a fig reduction. Chef recommends a medium rare temperature.

Bistecca alla Toscana  60

A delicate ribeye steak served with shaved parmiginao, arugula and sotto olio mushrooms.

Filetto Aglio Nero    60

Locally sourced and cooked to perfection. Our filet mignon is grilled and finished in butter that is served with a whole portobello mushroom in a black garlic sauce.

Fiorentine Steak    190

Fiorentina steak is a dish we love! Fiorentina is not only a beautiful place in Italy, but produces a blood line from Piemonte that is unmatched in quality. Fiorentina is a locally sourced T-bone steak, including both a ribeye and filet. Our Chefs believe in maintaining the integrity of the beef's natural flavors, serving it with sea salt and pepper on the side and an emulation of a Sicilian style chimichurri. This is definitely a dish that is meant to be shared.