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All Day Tapas

Sapori di Mare     MP

Whole original caviar, smoked salmon, marinated octopus, oysters and salmon trout and shrimp tartare.  Drizzled with a lemon truffle sauce and unique toppings.  Served with toasted bread.

Octopus Carpaccio     30

Marinated octopus carpaccio with lemon, EVOO & mint

Trout Salmon Carpaccio     40

Marinated trout salmon carpaccio with lemon, EVOO & mint

Carpaccio di Carne     35

American Wagu Carpaccio served over arugula with truffles and topped with a  truffle mustard sauce and shaved Parmigiano

Three different fish, marinated and diced, with lemon, EVOO & caviar

Tris di Pesce Marinato     35

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio     25

Marinated smoked salmon with lemon and EVOO

Oysters     35

A dozen fresh oyster served with a lemon truffle sauce

Three oysters with shrimp and sea urchin in a unagi sauce

Ostriche della Chef     25

Wagu Bites     45

Wagu steak cooked medium rear on a bad of sweet bread and mushrooms topped with caviar

Formaggi e Amori     MP

Delicate cheeses - Buffola Mozzarella, Grana pannio 24months age, and fomaggio al tartufo

Italian and Spanish Meats - duck prosciutto, jamon serrano, prosciutto, prosciutto parma 24 months patanegra, salame di calabria, bresaola. 

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