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6 Traditional Italian Pastas to Keep You Warm this Winter

Traditional Italian pastas are good on any day, but there’s something extra special about them on a cold, wintery day.

If you are looking for a remedy for freezing temps, look no further than a steaming bowl full of pasta. Pasta is always a satisfying meal, but there’s something extra special about indulging in one of these dishes on a cold day. Between the noodles, cheese, and sauce, there’s a lot to enjoy!

Get a taste of a winter in Italy with any of the following traditional Italian pastas:

Our Traditional Italian Pastas

Pappardelle al Ragù d’Agnello — This traditional dish brings us back home to Italy because Chef Francesco spent his childhood eating homemade pappardelle pasta. Our freshly made pasta is just how Nanna made it, with locally sourced eggs and served in an eight-hour, slow-roasted lamb ragù.

Tortellini Emiliani — This pasta is a signature dish from the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. This dish is loved and emulated by all, but getting it just right proves to be challenging. Our handmade tortellini is stuffed with mortadella and prosciutto in a creamy Parmesan sauce. We add freshly shaved black truffles for a truly decadent and warming culinary experience.

La Fettuccine Parmigiano e Burro — This dish is named after Alfredo di Lelia who invented the meal to help ease his pregnant wife’s discomfort—the ultimate comfort food! This famous dish was featured at Lelia’s restaurant in Rome in the early to mid 20th century and popularized the art of tableside preparation of the dish. We are proud to honor Lelia and carry on the tradition of finishing our fettuccine right at your table.

Pappardelle al Tartufo — This heartwarming dish may seem simple, but the flavors it features are anything but simple! Our homemade pappardelle pasta is tossed in a sauce made of locally sourced eggs, butter, and Parmesan, topped with your choice of black or white shaved truffles.

Ravioli Anatra — We live by the statement that ravioli is one of life’s simple delicacies, and this dish is no exception. In fact, Chef Francesco loves to make this dish. Our homemade ravioli is filled with ricotta and duck and served in a sweet vegetable and fig sauce.

Spaghetti Vongole — This fresh and light spaghetti and clam dish is from Naples, but we’ve put our own Sicilian flare on it. This dish features fresh salted clams sautéed in white wine and a bit of lemon and is finished tableside with olive oil and a pinch of parsley.

Reserve Your Table at La Trattoria di Francesco Today!

Any of these authentic and traditional Italian pastas will surely keep you toasty warm this cold winter season. Try each of them at La Trattoria di Francesco and enjoy dining your way through Italy’s culinary history. We gather inspiration from each Italian region and perfect their traditional dishes. Come celebrate heritage, flavor, and food with La Trattoria di Francesco and reserve your table today. We’re located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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