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The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Fine Wine with Classic Italian Dishes

All classic Italian dishes, all authentic meals, and every traditional flavor should be paired with fine wine.

No Italian dish is complete without a complimentary glass of wine. However, pairing your meal with a specific wine can feel intimidating. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to feel daunting, as long as you can remember this common aphorism: What grows together, goes together. In layman’s terms, this means use foods that were grown and prepared in the same geographical area as your wine. Outside of that phrase, there are few other tips that can help you master your craft.

Ready to learn how to pair your favorite authentic Italian dishes with fine wine? Continue reading for ways to perfect your pairing abilities.

6 Tried and True Tips for Creating Great Pairings for Classic Italian Dishes

  1. Find Balance — Always aim to find balance with flavors. For example, lighter, milder foods pair well with lighter, milder wines, while richer, bolder wines go well with richer, bolder wines. White wines often pair well with lighter dishes, such as fish or chicken. Whereas a steak or other red meat dish pairs nicely with red wines.

  2. Pair with the Dominant Flavor — Keep in mind that the star protein in the dish isn’t always the determining factor when pairing wine with your meal. Pay attention to the flavors used in the sauces and other components of the dish that can significantly influence its actual taste. It’s better to match your wine with the flavors in the sauce than it is with the protein.

  3. Pair Acids with Acids — If your dish has strong acidic components, consider pairing it with an acidic wine that can keep up with the flavors in your meal.

  4. Contrasting Desserts and Dessert Wines — For dessert, many people opt to create balance by pairing contrasting flavors with one another. Simple vanilla ice-cream desserts pair well with a glass of intensely sweet wine, while a rich and decadent dessert pairs perfectly with a light and crisp option.

  5. Practice Makes Perfect — A phrase that applies to pairing wine with food. The more you play around with flavors and pairings, the more confident and successful you will be. If you find yourself not loving a pairing, don’t think of this as a mistake, but a fine-tuning in your abilities. Not to mention, your palate will expand as you try different wines and foods.

  6. Break the “Rules” — Throw out the rule book if necessary. If you find a pairing you love that isn’t considered “traditional” or that others would like, it doesn’t matter. If you love it, go with it! Remember that taste is subjective, and you should always go with a combination you love.

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