Foie Gras

A delicate foie gras served with black truffles, caviar, homemade toasted bread


A confit local tomato served in a bed of mozzarella parmigiano sauce served with a basil olive oil

Sapori Di Mare

Scampi shrimp served ceviche style, topped with oyster, caviar, parsley oil and apple fennel vinaigrette

Salmone Mille Colori

Cured salted salmon served with yellow, purple and white beets


Salted asparagus with parmigiano, flavored with truffles


Fettuccine Burro & Parmigiano

Homemade fettuccine with a delicate, creamy butter parmigiano sauce topped with black truffles

Pallet Cleanser

Seasonal sorbet

Spaghetti al Nero 

Homemade squid ink spaghetti in a lobster bisque sauce and garnished with roses


Halibut al Prosciutto 

A bite-sized steamed halibut in a delicate prosciutto broth

Pallet Cleanser

Seasonal sorbet

Quail Leg

Caramelized quail leg served in a bed of lentils

Rollo Di Pollo

Caul fat rolled chicken stuffed with prosciutto, spinach, raisin, pine nuts served with a pomegranate sauce

Wagyu alla Pietra

Wagyu steak cooked on a lava stone served with a grilled mushroom


Seasonal Dessert

Chef's choice